Thursday, 10 January 2013

Badayer Racing (coming soon to App Store & Google Play)

Are you ready for a fast and thrilling offroad racing experience! Speed away in different cars and bikes each with its unique speed, handling and control. Feel the action against competitive AI cars or Compete online with your friends. Enjoy the scenery of of driving in different environments (desert, mountains, and city). An unforgettable thrust of actions that will keep you hooked! 

* Work your way on a career mode with 30 exhilarating races against tough opponents and work your way to become a pro.

* Play multiplayer games against your friends over the internet and impress them with your driving and overtaking skills.

* Get your own customized number plates.

* Customize your own cars and bikes with upgraded engines, fiery exhausts, bigger wheels, more lights, different colors, etc.

* Get a driving license and earn double the rewards.

When ready start your engines and aim for the podium and get into a great handheld racing experience. 


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